For development environments, django-zero is bundled with django-debug-toolbar and django-extensions.

This is not something you'd want in a production environment, so you must install the dependencies using the dev extra.

Even if installed, the dependencies are only activated if DEBUG==True.

.. code-block:: shell-session

$ pip install django-zero[dev]
$ django-zero start

Django Debug Toolbar ::::::::::::::::::::

Django Debug Toolbar is a django applications that adds debug information to the HTML output of Django. You'll see it on the right of your browser.

  • Read django-debug-toolbar's documentation <>_

Django Extensions :::::::::::::::::

Django Extensions adds a bunch of features to the django framework, but mostly, a bunch of commands to help you develop faster, and an integration of an alternate development server based on Werkzeug that enables the "Don't Panic" debugger, a better exception output that allows to interract with exception frames directly from your browser.

  • Read django-extensions' documentation <>_
  • Read werkzeug's debugger documentation <>_
Last Updated: 8/12/2018, 1:09:37 PM